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WaterRower Club S4 Water-Rower Club S4
<strong>WaterRower Club S4</strong>
WaterRower Club S4

WaterRower Club S4

WaterRower Rowing Machine - Club S4

"Club" Water Rower - As Natural (Ash) with Black & Rosewood stain

This Water Rower is ideal for home or Club use, it can be stored upright therefore saving space, the Water Rower's near-silent operation means that it can be use anywhere and at any time without imposition of those around you.

Water Rower Club is made from Solid Ash with Black and Rose wood stain with a Danish oil finish.

The Water Rower's patented Water Flywheel has been designed to emulate the dynamics of a boat moving through water. To do so it uses the same physical elements as occur when a boat moves through the water reproducing the same physical dynamics. In replicating the dynamics of rowing so accurately, the Water Rower is unrivalled in replicating not only the superb physiological dynamics of rowing, but much of the aesthetic pleasure as well.

Men's Fitness reviewed the WaterRower rowing machine during their test on rowers last Christmas. Here's their write up..."This rower is a work of art. When it is stowed upright it looks more like a designer CD rack than a sweat machine. Its wooden frame and the soothing sound of water being swished around make training a pleasure. It's designed to mimic real rowing, which is great if you're a rowing 'purist', but less good if you prefer to adjust resistance at the flick of a switch. If looks matter to you, then this is the one you want. 4 out of 5".

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WaterRower S4 Monitor
WaterRower S4 Monitor
  • Upright Storage
  • Silent Operation
  • FREE UPGRADE to Series 4 Workout monitor!

Reference: Water Rower Club S4

UPC code: Water Rower Club S4

Weight: 38.00kg

Manufactured by: WaterRower

Additional Information: Rower Supplied with Monitor

Ref Water Rower Club S4
Description WaterRower Club S4 Water-Rower Club S4
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